Meet The Owner

Hey there! My name is Paola and I love cute clothes. I graduated with my bachelors in Fashion Merchandising in 2021 and have been struggling to find my "dream job". I shortly realized I wanted to start my boutique after not finding a job that felt right. I started Lolah Alva in 2023 but the idea has been there for years. I hope to motivate other girls out there to stop thinking about it and just start your boutique. I'm a 24 year old hispanic, undocumented woman, 3 words that categorize me as a minority. I'm choosing not to let that define how far I will go. I aim to inspire other DACA recipients and daughters of immigrants to let their guards down and live their life to the fullest. I've always been scared to be seen or put myself out there but you're only limited when you limit yourself.


I hope you stick around, xoxo